„Super easy rapid wireframing.“

About Devhand

Devhand Devhand is a brand established in 2011, owned by me, Ladislav Šalom. I work as a software developer for many years and I have used many tools which was supposed to help in the software development process. Most of them has been feature rich applications but sometimes it has been hard to get great results in short time. Also, these products are really expensive in most cases and if you are a small company, price can really be a problem. So I came with an idea to create my own software.

My aim is to offer not the cheapest solution but still the within reach solution for companies that don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for something that is not worth it. Also, I am not just a creator of the software - I use Devhand's software in real life and so I am able to focus at real problems.

But I would like to hear your experiences too. It doesn't make a sense to develop something without feedback. So if you want to share your experiences, please contact me. It will help both me and you, because you will get a software that fits you.

Ladislav Šalom

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