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Why Wireframes?

A lot of people ask me about Devhand SketchIt and about how it could be useful. I will try to summarize the main reasons why you should use a wireframing tool (especially Devhand SketchIt :) ). If you are a software developer, UI architect or webdesigner, you should be interested in this kind of a tool.

The development process of a software contains a few steps. You or your customer

  • have an idea,
  • you will create a specification,
  • build the architecture of software,
  • write some code,
  • test it,
  • write a documentation
  • and finally you will be able to use it.

Wireframing tools help you with the second step – creating of a specification. This step is probably the most important thing (OK, after having an idea). This point is the edge determining success or failure of your product.

Developers tend to skip this step and they like starting with the programming. It can work in small projects but it is very risky. Imagine you realize that some part of your product is supposed to work differently and you realize it after you spend three weeks on programming. It is kind of a nightmare, for you and especially for your customer.

The second option is to write a specification document and draw diagrams. It is better than nothing but if you send an eighty pages document to your customer, will somebody read it? Well, in most cases will not or at least not carefully.

So what is the best choice? Use Devhand SketchIt and create an interactive wireframe! A wireframe is something like “drawing” of a software product. You will specify where images, texts, buttons and other controls will be placed and what their behavior will be without writing of the code. You can just drag and drop controls on the canvas and assign actions to them with a few clicks.

Then you can test it and after you will find a place where it should work differently, you can change it immediately without reprogramming the whole application. Also your customer will be happy with this, you will fix all UI and behavior issues before you will write a single line of the code!

After the wireframe is approved, you will start programming. The wireframe will be a guide to how it is supposed to work. You and your team can click through it and check how something works without reading of long specification documents.

Check out examples of wireframes.

So, what are the benefits? You will save your time and your money and also you will make your customers happy and it is the main reason they will come back to you.

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