„Super easy rapid wireframing.“


Devhand SketchIt is a powerful tool for making prototypes and wireframes. Bring it to your development process and save your time and money!

Design features

Sketchy Look

Let your clients focus on funcionality! Many clients consider non sketched prototypes as the final application. It is not great because probably you will receive feedback on design but not on interactions and content. The hand-drawn look solves this! See examples.


Annotations help you to show an additional information about a control in prototypes. It is useful when you want to tell your customers (or your developers) something that is not possible to show directly in the prototype.

Mobile Apps

Devhand SketchIt has smartphone templates for you. You don't need to create them on your own. It feels like you are designing directly on the phone with Devhand SketchIt! See an example.


Do you need popup dialogs in your prototype? No problem with layers! Each page can contain layers which you can easily switch. Check this simple tutorial.

Use Styles

Each control or page can have a style assigned. Imagine a situation you need to change the font size of all headings. No problem with styles! It is similar to Word styles or CSS.

Master Pages

Don't create your menus again and again. Masters help you to define a part of a page that you can use on other pages. For instance, you create a website main menu and you want to use it on every page. It is simple with Devhand SketchIt. Create the menu just once and assign it to pages!


Events & Actions

It was never so easy. Just a few clicks and the controls in your wireframe come alive! Devhand SketchIt supports many actions and many events.

Dynamic Variables

Using variables in wireframes make them more dynamical and useful. All variables are global so you can share values between pages. Along with actions, you can simulate the behaviour of real applications.

HTML export

The best thing about Devhand SketchIt is the HTML export. Many prototyping applications require a special viewer to view prototypes. With Devhand SketchIt, an ordinary internet browser is enough! Your clients will like it, no more additional downloads! See examples

Swipe Events

You can simulate smartphone gestures with Devhand SketchIt. In combination with ScrollPanels, the swipe events are a powerful tool.
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